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Tradelegit Limited hold theirselves to the highest standard of professionalism and drive to provide creative solution to their client’s needs. They are also doggedly committed to quality services.

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DogeMiners Limited is an experienced investment company that has been trading in the financial, capital and real estate markets for more than a decade. One of their recent ventures was offering investments in crypto currency.

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Modern geodetic reconnaissance technologies make it possible to find islands located in neutral waters, flooded to a depth of maximum 10 meters.

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S-ATOMIC LTD is a UK investment company #12461349 that has an office in London. They conduct fully legal activities and are engaged in the nuclear energy market.

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Grandstarearning Limited - the most popular and well known company of United Kingdom, playing the major role in the real estate investment sectors.

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Prime Mining LTD is a quite young and fast growing company in cryptocurrency mining world.Their company owns two new Mining Data Centers intended to Bitcoin and altcoins mining.

Gissis Limited Review – Earn 1.4%-2.4% Daily for 5-50 Working Days

The holding company is engaged in the investment and purchase of shares of various companies, which allows it, among other things, to become the owner of controlling stakes.

Keeper-money Limited Review – Earn 0.5% Daily for 600 Business Days

Keeper-Money Limited is a company from United Kingdom that has been operating in the cryptocurrency mining and trading market since 2013, as well as engaging in Forex trading and having all the necessary permissions/licenses to conduct this business.