Usd-trade Limited Review – Earn 7.8% - 22% Daily for 15 Days (SCAM)

Usd-trade LTD is an investment company uniting Forex market and cryptocurrency asset management. Complex world of markets is their daily concern. their mission is to obtain funds for further management. Years of successful development for money management in private section ensured us that they are ready to open our service to the whole world. Internet has become the most convenient and widespread communication source, that's why in view of responsibility we decided to bring our service via internet and attract investors online.

Their goal at Usd-trade LTD is to provide a comprehensive resource for our clients new to the market or with limited experience trading foreign currencies, or interested in cryptocurrency exchange. What started out as a market for professionals is now attracting traders from all over the world, and of all experience levels and all because of online trading and investment. We always offer the best investment packages and strive for the maintenance of a good level of customers' service. Today we stand on a solid ground and face the future positively.

Today, their investors have an excellent opportunity to use long-term investment portfolios with different risk/reward profiles, from the most conservative ones to portfolios with a higher level of profitability, allowing the company's clients to diversify the asset risks. In addition to this, the company has developed special marketing solutions, enabling everyone who wants to become a partner to have access to the individual promotion program!

You can make at least $10 (USD) for your deposit; there is $50,000 for maximum.Any deposit from Perfectmoney and Payeer is INSTANTLY processed. In the case of Bitcoin, the deposit takes 3 cryptocurrency network confirmations before it’s been credited. Usually, any deposit from Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash or Dash will be processed within a few minutes.

If you make deposit in the investment plan 7.8%-22% daily for 15 calendar days or the plan or the plan 9% - 22% daily for 30 calendar days, it takes every 24 hours for the profit to accrue from when the deposit was added (the actual time of accrual can be seen in the section where your deposits are listed). If you invest in any other investment plan, you can't withdraw your profit until your deposit expires. For example, if you invest $1,000 in the plan 160%-220% after 10 calendar days, you can only withdraw $1,600 in ten days.

You are entitled to withdraw the available amount of money from your account balance. However, The minimum withdrawal for Perfectmoney and Payeer is $0.01. The minimum amount of withdrawal for BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH and Dash is $1 (USD); there’s no maximum limit for withdrawal.

Withdrawal requests are processed Immediately or Instantly. Your deposit is nonrefundable as it is included in your total return. For example, if you invest $100 in the plan 7.8%-22% daily for 15 calendar days, your total return is $117( $7.8*15d) and your net profit is $17. Your principal is included in $117.

The First Plan Pays : 7.8% - 22% Daily for 15 Days - Principal Included - Minimum Deposit 10 USD - Maximum Deposit 50,000 USD - Investment term: 15 Calendar Days - Withdrawal Instant

The Second Plan Pays : 9% - 20% Daily for 30 Days - Principal Included - Minimum Deposit 2000 USD - Maximum Deposit 50,000 USD - Investment term: 30 Calendar Days - Withdrawal Instant

The Third Plan Pays : 160% - 220% Ffter 10 Days - Principal Included - Minimum Deposit 1000 USD - Maximum Deposit 50,000 USD - Investment term: 10 Calendar Days - Withdrawal Instant

Professional Team : They have professional Team. Your investment is safe in our firm and your profit is guaranteed. their team will do their best to serve you.

Profits : All profits will be caculated hourly to your account balance. You can withdraw them anytime and minimum withdrawal amount is 0.5$.

Instant Payment System : They use Instant payment system. Deposit & Withdrawals are instant, it's very easy to make investments and withdraw profits.

User-friendly Interface : Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the online investment field, they are sure that you will find our platform easy to use. It's designed to be easy to navigate on any device you choose.

SSL Security : They use Comodo SSL Security to protect all investor's data, Password and pin code. All of your money kept safety with us anytime.

24/7 Customer Support: They provide unbeatable support service through ticket system, email and phone to cater your needs and give a professional, fast and effectively response.